Sunday, October 18, 2009

The True Stories

Now might be a good time to post a new blog, it's only been what, 4 weeks ago since my last? One of the main reasons I haven't blogged is because nothing really happened in the Wonder Life Of Kelsey. Not unless you call massive amounts of homework interesting. But now the more I think about, you guys might enjoy these true stories that have happened to me...

The Bus
It was a regular day, went to the bus stop [you have to be a senior to drive to school regardless if your 16 or not] and its 5:25, so it's pretty dark outside. And I'm waiting, and waiting for the bus. At 5:29 I see the glow of yellow and red lights down the street. Then the bus comes to my bus stop, but she doesn't stop, she keeps going. I threw my arms up and shouted "Really!" Then i had to call my dad and this was our conversation:
"Uh, yeah Mom, can you drive me to school?"
"Why, aren't you on the bus?"
Well, the bus kinda drove right passed me."
"That would only happen to you, you know that right?"
"Yeah I know."
"Alright I'll be there."
Then when my mom drives down to pick me up, she drives right passed me on purpose. And then tomorrow, the same thing happened. Turns out the bus driver thought the bus stop was at "Pine Street and Pine Ct." I said thats is where it is, right where i've been standing this whole year.
The Map
Here I am, just doing my work in the back of the classroom in World Studies 2.0 where behind my is a gigantic framed map. There's about 6 inches from my desk to the wall, but idoit sometries to go in between anyways because he is lazy. I don't know what he was doing, all that I know is that after he got through, he caused the map to be off balance, and FALL ON TOP OF ME. The glass didn't break, but it was stuck somehow and I didn't know how to get it off. Now half the class is laughing, and the other class is like ,"someone help her." Finally the teacher comes to save me, and puts the map back. I guess he didn't put in on the right way, because once he got back to his desk, it fell on top of me again. The teacher comes racing towered me, and after he saves me AGAIN he looks at me and says ,"Your in the death seat!"
The Project
As some of you might have known, i had to do a project on a series. I chose Harry Potter. I wrote the 3 page summary and finished the poster a while ago, when i see a sheets of paper that were unfinished. I looked at them, and it was a paper where you had to write a summary, and give a 20 sentences response on what you read, followed by 8 post-it notes. There were 7 of those papers. I'm like "Oh @#$&*#@%@$@%!#$*%#!@$%$!" It was already 8:00 pm and I didn't take my shower. So I spent a good 4 1/2 hours working on those papers, had a 3 hour sleep , but the bus didn't pass me:). When I get to school to give my presentation, I turn in all the papers. She looks at me, and says that those weren't due today, but at the end of 1st semester. [in january] I tried to act cool, like "oh okay" but in the inside, i was crying.
When I think of more, I'll add them. There pretty funny if your just an outsider watching all this happen.
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever had an experience where you think "This would happen to me"?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Potter Project and Pirates

It's time for.... EXCUSE TIME!
My excuses for not blogging in a while are:
  • I was going to blog about something, but Im not certain i can because I don't have all the details yet.
  • I am a lazy bum
  • Im very lazy
  • I hit blogger's block
  • I've been studding because i don't want to fail school/life
  • and I am lazy
Great now that THAT is out of the way, lets get on with the blog shall we?
So today is "Talk like a Pirate Day"! Alas people can talk like pirates with propose. And the holiday has its own website.
Also if you remember in my last post, I'm doing my project on Harry Potter, more specifically Deathly Hallows this quarter, and I'm trying to do my poster. I'm thinking about doing a gigantic drawing of the cover and then write all the requirements around harry (Teaser that doesn't give away the ending, opinion of the book, and my favorite quote) I just hope that my artistic talent doesn't give up on me. I just have to narrow down the quotes, I have too many.
  1. OI! There's a war going on here!" -Harry
  3. "Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love"- Dumbledore
  4. "Are -- you -- mental?"- Ron
  5. "" -Snape
  6. "Just going to make it up as we go along, are we? My favorite kind" -Fred
  7. "I'll join you when hell freezes over. Dumbledore's Army!" -Neville
  8. "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU B***H!" -Molly
  9. Merlin pants" -Hermione
I'm not sure of the quote is an actual quote form a character but I'm going ask Monday

Question of the Day: What's YOUR favorite Quote form Deathly Hallows?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Play and Harry Potter Project

A while ago I mentioned that my school is putting on a play. Note: My school is only a sophomore school, so only sophomore 's will be involved in it. So I tried out and then made the callbacks. Tuesday we auditioned again for callbacks. Yesterday they posted the cast, and I saw my name was not on the sheet. I saw it coming, there were wonderful actresses/actors that tried out. I felt pretty upset but i still wanted to be apart of the play, so I picked up a green piece of paper to be part of the backstage crew. There was a meeting and an "Interview". 6/17 people showed up for the interview that wanted to be a part of the backstage crew. 10/17 people wanted to be the student director-including me:). I put down student director AND publicity manager down on the sheet. Long story short, the drama club manager saw me as a director, so I am now 1 of the 2 Student Directors! It seems really fun, and i guess it turned out for the best that I didn't get a part in the cast.
I mentioned a while ago that i had to read 5000 pages by friday, well now my teacher said that I could do my project on Harry Potter! I don't think she knows that I did my summer reading project on Harry Potter, because had a schedule change so thats good. Now I just have to re-read the Harry Potter series by NEXT friday which is something I can handle. But I still have to read 5000 pag
es, only its due at the end of the quarter, which gives me more time, MUCH more time.
In other news I got a 105% on my math test and a 110% on my American Studies test. Times like this make me feel like a nerd, but then I remember that I am one:) The sad part of that story is that I didn't even study for either of the tests. such a bad habit that i must break. Example, after i finnish this blog, I'm going to make flash cards for ANOTHER world studies quiz. I have a feeling i'll be doing a lot of studding in American studies...

Question of the Day: What's your favorite Harry Potter Book?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Nano's and Steve Jobs Liver

Apple had some big news today! Starting that Steve Jobs was well enough to be on stage and give a presentation! I love you Steve! [he has been very sick latley with cancer] He thanked everybody for their support and told everyone about his liver transplant. He said he now has the liver of a 20 year old who died in a car crash.

One of the coolest announcements was that the new iPod Nano now has a VIDEO CAMERA!
Apple said "Fifteen fun video effects let you add a little Hollywood t
o your video. Just scroll through, choose the effect you want — such as film grain or motion blur — and start recording. When you’re done, sync iPod nano to your computer and iPhoto (or your favorite photo software) opens. Then email your miniblockbuster or post on Youtube
or Facebook." The new nano also includes a FM Radio, with a live pause. The screen is also a bit larger in the newer version. It looks Crazy cool. I'm defently going to the Apple Store when they release them to test it out. Learn more here. Bad news: 8GB $149 and 16GB $179

Another cool announcement is that the iPod Suffles now come in 5 different colors! I personally think that these colors are way cooler than the pastels they used to have. They are just like the shuffle that came out a while ago. The
voice over is included. Voice over is a real nifty feature, if you want to know what song is playing, just press a button, and VoiceOver tells you. You can even hear the names of your playlists. And when your battery needs charging. I do not own a shuffle, but they are amazing:) They are $59 for the 2GB and $79 for the 4GB. For more information about the shuffles click here

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Germany is in Mexico?

Yesterday I went to a festival with my amazing cousin Allie and her Dad's friend was there, who happened to have a daughter part of a student exchange program. Although the daughter wasn't at the festival, Tonya was there! Tonya is the daughters student exchange person... and she's from Germany! She was SO incredibly amazing! We took her around and had some typical fun, and Allie asked her where Germany was [apparently she didn't know, haha] and I said "Where do you think it is?" Her response, "Somewhere in Mexico." Well me and Tonya started cracking up because we know where Germany was located and nowhere near Mexico.
There were a BUNCH of little kids there, more than teenagers really. Well, we saw this little train ride where the little kids were going on and we thought that they just looked so cute:D So we watched them go around and around in the train, so then when they came near us, i put my hand over the fence that seporated us from the train and said "Hey give me a high 5!" Well the little kids just looked at us like we were crazy. But then a NEW bunch of kids came on the train and they gave us high 5's, then the parents started giving them too. But then Mr. Mean Worker Guy came over to us and said "STOP giving the kids high 5, unless you are related. " So that ruined our fun!

My Aunt, Uncle and 3 cousins that live in Virginia were originally going to come in town this holiday weekend, but because of a medical condition of my Aunts brother, who lives around where they live, they chose to stay with him. I completely understand ,I wouldn't want to leave my uncle if there was a chance he would die. Well, sadly, he did die. Something about a heart attack, but he lived though that, but then a disease spread to his blood and they took him off the medicine. Although I never meet him, he was close my Aunt and cousins and they are in my prayers. So that's my sad news of the day!

Also befoer this post gets to long, help @acciohp the lost dominate Harry Potter fan/twitter on Twitter! Check them out and support them because they deserve it and they interact with all the followers. There quote: "Your not followers, your friends!" They are a TON better than some other bum on twitter. I'm not saying names though:)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Turtles and Callbacks

Earlier today i posted a picture of my pet turtles on my twitter account and i thought that i should blog about my turtles. See, i come from a family who doesn't like pets. I've never had a dog, cat, hamster, hermit crab, anything living really and i didn't think i ever would. Without making this a life story, I found a store selling live turtles that were only 2 weeks old! They were so cute and i stared at them for the longest time. Finally my mother and father said i could get a turtle! But then I reslized that i couldn't just get ONE, what kind of social life would he have? So we settled for two little turtles, which I happen to name Fred and George because they're brothers and Fred+George=AMAZING!

Another thing, Yesterday I auditioned for the school play. 40 people tried out for only 14 rolls, and today they posted the callbacks and I made the callbacks. Yeah I didn't even make the cast yet but im pretty excited. They chose 25 people for the callbacks. Crazy stuff right there.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So if you know me, you would know that I'm one of the #1 Twilight Haters. It's true:D So when I'm board [don't feel like doing my homework] I design shirts. If your wondering how hating Twilight and designing shirts have anything on common, look at the pictures below this text↓↓

↑↑This one is my favorite!↑↑

I have fun making them, and if anybody has any suggestions i will gladly take them! Just @reply me at

You can click on the photos to enlarge them if you desire.